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Let's start off with the fact that Randall Isenberg and his entire firm have ZERO communication skills! It was IMPOSSIBLE to EVER get a hold of Randall when I needed him. But the problem didn't stop there, their lack of communication bled into my court scheduling as well! They NEVER informed me of a court date which subsequently led to a warrant for my arrest! That’s right, I had to go BACK TO JAIL because Randall didn't inform me of my own court date! I had to *** from work to book into jail because I paid my incompetent attorney $10,000 to help me!

Moving forward, after I got out of jail due to Mr. Isenberg's aforementioned negligence, I continued to pay him $1,000 per month CASH. *** me. When we got to our final court date I was literally at my wit's end. At that point I didn't care what the outcome was. I just wanted it over with and I wanted to wash my hands of this joke of an attorney I mistakenly chose. We were preparing to take a "deal" where I would do a 55 day work release. Ok fine. As I was preparing myself to take the deal Randall informed me that he cut a new "GREAT DEAL" for me! He said instead of doing 55 days’ work release, I could book myself into jail that SECOND (NO time to go home, change, make any calls, let anyone know, make any arrangements, etc.) and I would only do 7 days in jail total. That sounded awesome to me, I reconfirmed with Randall that I would only do 7 days to which he said "that's the deal" He also told me that I could QUIT GOING to my DUI classes that I needed because turning myself in now meant I'd be done with all here I go to jail....

Cut to one week later. My father comes to visit me in jail (how wonderful right?) and tells me that Isenberg messed up! He didn't stay with me to read the papers he had me sign and HE DIDN'T READ THEM HIMSELF!" So that mean's I'm staying in for not a week....BUT A MONTH!!!! Needless to say I was a little more that furious! We're talking a month, I had plans, I had a job, I had rent, bills, commitments, etc. But does Randall care about that? No, he cares about that $1000/month thought, because as SOON as I got out of jail, charged my cell and checked my voice mail, I had 8 messages from his office informing me that I still owe a final $500 to him!!!!!

I went up to Isenberg's office the very next day. 10lbs lighter from the month long jail stint thanks to him, looking for some kind of empathy for what he had done to me. Do you think I got any compassion? Of course not. Isenberg rein formed me that he'll be needing that $500 otherwise he won't finalize my other papers. WOW! I was literally in tears. Not because I didn’t have the money, that was the least of my worries. But because someone that has your livelihood in their hands can be so cold, calculated, heartless, and evil. I left more upset than I came and I never saw that MONSTER again!

To let you know just what a lasting effect this has had on me mentally, I'm still thinking about it 3 YEARS LATER! Couple that with now my license has been suspended because I didn't comply with the necessary DUI classes that Isenberg told me to QUIT GOING TO since I was taking his "deal'!

Please, please do yourself a favor and consider another attorney. The impact this decision has had on me has not only affecting my record forever, but my emotional state and trust in people. If you can't trust that someone you're paying $10,000 will work hard for you, who can you trust?

Review about: Law Offices Of Randall B Isenberg Attorney.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Euless, Texas, United States #1226887

He stole money from me as well. He likes to use his position of power to dictate what you need to for him. Stay away from this lawyer.


Don't give this guy your money.


Seems you are hiding something or not being totally truthful. Do you have a past criminal record?

If so, you got off easy. Also, early on you mention in your words that you weren't happy with him....then why continue to pay him just saying. Also, I looked him up and he has kick *** credentials and has a rating of 10 on Avvo.

This leads me to believe that he is pretty good and you are not being honest. You know he can also take legal action against you for defamation.

to Anonymous #1048410

Well hello anonymous aka Randall. I believe you know exactly what you put me through. If you'd like to attempt to sue me for defamation, I'd be happy to see you in court...again.



What he did is against the law, and all the evidence is already available in your paperwork. Get a copy of YOUR complete file from his office, which belongs to you, not to him nor the office and find yourself a civil/common law specialist and sue him for malpractice just like you would a doctor who messes up your health. This farse of a lawyer messed up your LIFE! The least you could do is get your money back and a LOT more.

I am a lawyer I know what I amtelling you!

This kind of lawyers are a shame to the whole profession and a hindrance to our supposedly free system! Again: SUE HIM!!!

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